Can You Teach Kids Tenacity?

snn0924b_280_527152aThis has probably been read and blogged about something in the neighborhood of five bazillion times already, because isn’t that how many people read Ree Drummond’s amazing Confessions of a Pioneer Woman blog?

But this post was especially touching for some reason, probably because I’m raising a daughter and want to instill in her a strong work ethic. Remember that story from a few years ago? About praising your kid for working hard as opposed to being smart? We took that one to heart and have been effusively praising tenacity and work ethic, and it always thrills me to no end when my daughter finishes a difficult task and looks up, saying, “I worked so hard!”

Hell yeah!

So I read this short, touching little photo essay about Drummond’s older daughter who hangs tough with a chute full of wild calves, while her younger siblings bail out. Sure, it’s a little tongue and cheek and I’d probably bail out of that chute, too — cows and goats freak. me. out. But it was borderline inspirational to see this young girl stick with it, do the work, finish the job. How do you instill that kind of tenacity? Or is it something kids just develop on their own? Either way, kudos to you, pint-sized cowgirl.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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