Casey Anthony Acquitted: Now What? 5 Things That Could Be Next for Her

What's Next for Casey Anthony?

It was a shock for all us armchair judges. The Casey Anthony trial did not end as many had thought.

In June 2008, Caylee disappeared and her body was found six months later.   And on Monday, in a Florida courtroom, Casey Anthony was acquitted on charges that she murdered her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Casey Anthony will not be given the death sentence (which she could have if convicted of first-degree murder).  She won’t even be spending the rest of her days behind bars. Many think she totally lucked out with the verdict. But her life will never be the same. So what is next for Casey Anthony? How much time will she serve in prison? Will she sell her story? Here are 5 things that could be next for this notorious mom.

  • Prison Time 1 of 5
    Prison Time
    Casey Anthony was found guilty for one thing, lying to investigators. She will be sentenced on Thursday and may be looking at a year for each count. It's be reported that Casey is probably looking at about four years, but she's been in prison for three years, so that can be seen as time served. She could be out in a year or less.
  • Will She Sell Her Story? 2 of 5
    Will She Sell Her Story?
    It'll be pretty hard to try to get a job after all this. But Casey will have to find some way to support herself. She will probably try to profit off her notoriety by selling her story either as a book or for a Lifetime movie. But it will probably still not be the truth, still no doubt filled with fiction.
  • Relationship with Her Parents 3 of 5
    Relationship with Her Parents
    There were some pretty damning accusations about Casey Anthony's family. There was the claim that Caylee's grandfather helped cover up Caylee's death. Casey also said that her father had sexually abused her when she was young. Having this dirty laundry aired (or made up) will have a destructive impact on the family. They will never be the same.
  • Will She Return to her Party Girl Ways? 4 of 5
    Will She Return to her Party Girl Ways?
    Some have made assumptions that Casey Anthony killed her daughter Caylee because she cramped her style as a party girl. Even after Caylee was assumed "missing," Casey was out and about partying it up. But who will want to party with her now?
  • Can she go to trial again? 5 of 5
    Can she go to trial again?
    No, the constitution protects her. No double jeopardy.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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