Cast Your Vote for the Best TV Mom and Dad of All Time!

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Is Claire Huxtable the all-time best TV mom?

ABC News and People magazine are looking for your votes on who should be named the best television mom and dad of all time! Was it Claire and Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show? Or Dan and Roseanne Conner of Roseanne? Maybe you grew up in a family that needed you to keep all of its secrets (I’m sorry), so you relate to the plight of Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano, or you’re particularly sad about Andy Griffith’s death because you loved the fatherly tenderness and plucky charm of Sheriff Andy Taylor. No matter which TV families you love, check out all the nominees below and then cast your vote!

  • Carmela Soprano 1 of 20
    Carmela Soprano
    Carmela and Tony on parenting:

    Carmela:As a parent today, you are over a barrel no matter what you do. You take away her car you become her chauffeur. You ground her you've got to stay home weekends and be prison guards.
    Tony: If you throw her out, social services will bring her back and we'd be in front of the judge. She's not 18 yet.
    Carmela: That's your solution? To throw your daughter out?
    Tony: All I'm sayin', with the laws today you can't even restrain your kid physically. She could sue you for child abuse.
    Carmela: There has to be consequences.
    Tony: And there will be, I hear ya okay. Let's just not overplay our hand. Because if she figures out we're powerless, we're f**ked.

    Photo credit: The Chief

  • Carol Brady 2 of 20
    Carol Brady
    If only we all had a maid like Alice.

    CAROL BRADY: [about the first strange noise] WHAT was that?
    ALICE NELSON: It sounded like a cow died in the driveway.
    CAROL BRADY: It's probably just the wind against the shutters.
    ALICE NELSON: That would be a good guess, Mrs. Brady... if there was a wind... or we had shutters.

    Photo credit: People Quiz

  • Claire Huxtable 3 of 20
    Claire Huxtable
    Everybody knows Claire's best quotes were what she said with her silent facial expressions!

    Photo credit: Living the Balanced Life

  • June Cleaver 4 of 20
    June Cleaver
    Life in the good old days:

    June Cleaver: Wally, you're a dear, sweet boy.
    Wallace 'Wally' Cleaver: Ah, gee Mom, don't say that. It kind of makes me feel creepy.

    Photo credit: Muffintop Mommy

  • Marge Simpson 5 of 20
    Marge Simpson
    On leading a domestic life:

    "My life is pretty boring. The other day some Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door and I wouldn't let them leave. They finally snuck away when I went to make lemonade."

    Photo credit: Simpson Crazy

  • Marie Barone 6 of 20
    Marie Barone
    Marie and Frank on courtship:

    Marie Barone: Fine! You got it out of me. Your father and I... succumbed to temptation before we got married. I fell for your father's boyish good looks. But, it didn't matter. We were in love. Right, Frank?
    Frank Barone: I wanted sex.

    Photo credit: Zap2It

  • Marion Cunningham 7 of 20
    Marion Cunningham
    Mr. and Mrs. C in love:

    Howard: Marion, the kids are gone, we can do anything we want, we can even watch tv naked.
    Marion: Oh not that again, Howard.

    Photo credit: Sitcoms Online

  • Laura Petrie 8 of 20
    Laura Petrie
    On a father's love:

    Richard Rosebud 'Ritchie' Petrie: Daddy doesn't like me.
    Laura Petrie: Oh, Ritchie, don't be silly. Your daddy loves you.
    Richard Rosebud 'Ritchie' Petrie: He might love me, but he doesn't like me.

    Photo credit: Classic Forever

  • Maude 9 of 20
    A feminist view on marriage:

    Maude Findlay: When he says wife, he means possession.
    Walter Findlay: So what, Maude? You told me a hundred times you want to be possessed.
    Maude Findlay: Walter Findlay, I never said that standing up and you know it.

    Photo credit: Rants from Mommyland

  • Roseanne 10 of 20
    On running a household:

    "I feel like a used piece of gum someone stuck under the table just waiting for the excitement of drying up and hitting the floor."

    Photo credit: Dunderbrain

  • Al Bundy 11 of 20
    Al Bundy
    On working for a living:

    "So you think I'm a loser? Just because I have a stinking job that I hate, a family that doesn't respect me, a whole city that curses the day I was born? Well, that may mean ‘loser' to you, but let me tell you something: Every morning when I wake up, I know it's not going to get any better until I go back to sleep again."

    Photo credit: Screen Junkies

  • Sheriff Andy Taylor 12 of 20
    Sheriff Andy Taylor
    On delegating responsibility:

    "Oh, I don't carry a gun, but my deputies do."

    Photo credit: New York Times

  • Cameron Tucker 13 of 20
    Cameron Tucker
    On keeping our children out of harm's way:

    Gloria: Is that a leash?
    Cam: It's a child safety tether.

    Photo credit: TV Fanatic

  • Cliff Huxtable 14 of 20
    Cliff Huxtable
    On having a large family:

    Clair: Cliff, why do we have four children?
    Cliff: Because we did not want five.

    Photo credit: She Knows

  • Coach Eric Taylor 15 of 20
    Coach Eric Taylor
    On sportsmanship:

    "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!"

    Photo credit: Wikipedia

  • Dan Conner 16 of 20
    Dan Conner
    On keeping a positive outlook:

    "What a beautiful day - the kind of day that starts with a hearty breakfast and ends with a newsreader saying, '... before turning the gun on himself.'"

    Photo credit: Fatty Lane

  • Howard Cunningham 17 of 20
    Howard Cunningham
    On marrying your kids off:

    Howard: Well then. How are you gonna support my daughter? How are you gonna live? How are you gonna eat?
    Chachi: Mr C., after we're married something is bound to come along.
    Howard: Yeah! Then you're gonna have to feed that, too!

    Photo credit: Fan Pix

  • Jim Anderson 18 of 20
    Jim Anderson
    How our kids view us aging:

    Bud Anderson: How many were in your class, Dad?
    Jim Anderson: Oh, 2-300 I guess.
    Bud Anderson: How many are left?

    Photo credit: Sitcoms Online

  • Mitchell Pritchett 19 of 20
    Mitchell Pritchett
    On being a gay kid:

    "When I was twelve my father walked in on me doing the most embarrassing thing a boy can do: dancing to Madonna's Lucky Star."

    Photo credit: Fan Pop

  • Ward Cleaver 20 of 20
    Ward Cleaver
    On your friends' kids:

    "You know, it's only natural for parents to feel proud of their children. And there's nothing so fascinating as your own offspring. But when another parent raves about his children, it's amazing how you can lose interest."

    Photo credit: Sitcoms Online

Which TV moms and dads do you think were left out of the running here? What about Mona on Who’s the Boss? Or Evelyn Harper of Two and a Half Men? I love me some snarky TV moms, or even a kooky mom like Pat, Amy’s mother on Everybody Loves Raymond. Heck, if we’re going way back, I say Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies wins! My favorite TV dads of all time have to be Fred Sanford on Sanford and Son, Henry Warnimont on Punky Brewster and Nick Foley of Rags to Riches. What can I say? I’m a sucker for an orphan story, Annie!

Leave the names of the moms and dads you think were left out in the comments below, and then go vote for one of the nominees at!

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