Catholic School Teacher May Be Fired For Creating "Burn And Rot In Hell" Website

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How appropriate is a "burn and rot in hell" website for a Catholic school teacher?

Catholic school teacher, Elizabeth Cucinotta, may be terminated for creating a website called, “Burn And Rot In Hell”. With the tagline “I vent, therefore I am,” the site is a compilation of different categories in which visitors can submit their specific person or group they would like to see burn in hell, along with a rant about why they feel this way.

Categories include husbands/boyfriends, wives/girlfriends. bad teachers, bad students, exes, in-laws, and even sex. After poking around the site for a few minutes, the majority of rants I read were explicit, both in sexual nature and profanity.

“They just suggested I take them down today, which I’m not going to do.” said Cucinotta.

Cucinotta, who has taught for the past four years at St. Francis Prep High Scholar in Queens, NY says she is ready to put up a fight against her impending termination, “That this school would do something like that to me? I’m appalled,” she said. She says she started the website so people could have a place to rant about their day and dubbed it an “angry Facebook”.

I can’t imagine that any teacher, let alone a Catholic school teacher, would be allowed to maintain a site such as this one. Many of the postings are profane in nature and serve no purpose other than to anonymously place more vulgarity and hatred the already saturated internet.

Here are some recent rants:

(Name is listed on the site), you cheated your way through high school. It’s gonna be great to see you fail at life. Truth is, you’re stupid. You and your pack of idiot jock friends and slutty cheerleaders can Burn and rot in hell!

Attention stupid drivers this ones for you. My truck 80,000lbs Your car 3,000lbs Your face as I run you off the road PRICELESS!! Next time you feel the urge to cut off a semi truck remember this. Or just Burn and rot in hell!

(Name is listed on site) in (city), you rotten b****. You tortured me for years even though I was your daughter in law, because I am hot and you are a fat ugly stupid b****. You are cheap and money grubbing and you could never be the woman I am. Go **** yourself, and while you are at it, Burn and rot in hell!

These are just some that I can actually list on our parenting site. The others are entirely too vulgar, especially the rants listed in the sex category, many of which seem to be written by teens.

The school says they were especially upset by the “bad teachers” and “bad students” categories on the site, and issued a statement, saying “Miss Cucinotta has been suspended pending an investigation for a potential violation of the school’s mission and the teacher’s obligation to fulfill that mission.”

Do you think Cucinotta should be fired?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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