Catholic School to Lesbian Student: No Same-Sex Prom Dates

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A lesbian student is being denied the opportunity to bring the date of her choice to her school's prom

I could go back in time and chat with my high school self, I’d let her know that the prom is no big whoop. The expectations are high, and the night will never live up to the hype. Ever. Really.

But of course, when you’re in the teen moment, it can seem like there is nothing more important than the prom. Which is why I feel sad for one girl in particular who was told by her school that she can’t attend with the date of her choice another girl.

Angelina Lange, 17, lives in Bay Shore, New York, and was turned down by the administrators of her school when she asked if she could bring her ex-girlfriend as her date.

Lange attends a Roman Catholic school, and the principal said it wasn’t a personal decision, but rather a “reflection of the school’s religious tenets,” according to the New York Daily News.

“Our Catholic faith specifies that marriage involve a man and a woman, and our policies on dating must reflect that,” he told “We mean no malice or disrespect.”

Lange is still allowed to attend the prom by herself, find a male date, or not attend at all. She isn’t challenging the school’s decision, as there doesn’t seem to be much of a point since it’s a private institution that is able to place it’s own restrictions on school events.

I guess I wouldn’t really challenge the school’s decision, either. But I do wonder if Lange’s parents knew she was a lesbian when she transferred to the school during her junior year, and if so, did they do it to punish her for being a lesbian? Otherwise, why wouldn’t they have sent her to a school that was more accepting of who she is?

I just feel sorry for the girl if she’s had dreams of what her prom night would be like — as many girls do — and there’s no chance they’ll come to fruition if she can’t go with the date of her choice. Even though I just don’t think proms are all they’re cracked up to be.

If you were Lange, would you still attend the prom?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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