CD Review: Imagination Movers

imagination-moversIf the names Rich, Scott, Smitty and Dave don’t mean much to you, you’re probably one of those virtuous parents who don’t let their kids watch the Disney Channel. If you do, though, you know those names are stitched on the bright blue and red coveralls of the Imagination Movers.

Disney Channel airs their show, which reminds me of nothing so much as the Monkees crossed with Scooby-Doo with a dash of the Wiggles, every morning. Their second CD, “For Those About To Hop” comes out soon, and the nice people at Disney Records sent me a review copy. If you watch the show, most of the songs will already be familiar. Only one or two are ones I haven’t heard before.

While they come across really well as part of the narrative on the show, the songs lose a little on their own. While on the show they seem kind of fresh and original for TV-show kid’s music, blending elements of ska, metal rap and jazz with typical upbeat lyrics, listened to on their own they come across as just kind of average top-40 fare. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing especially compelling, either.

But my opinion isn’t really what matters here, is it? Here’s the real scoop: The CD kept my very energetic four-year-old daughter dancing and jumping around for its entire one-hour length. Her review was as follows: “It was really fun, and I liked it, and it tired me out.” SCORE.

This may not be one that I sometimes surreptitiously listen to in the car even when I am kidless, like my Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell CDs, but it would be a fun, upbeat soundtrack for our Dance Party Fridays. And anything that tires my daughter out rocks hard in my book.

Also, I gotta like these guys. They are all from New Orleans and three of them lost homes in Katrina, and insist on producing the show there to support their community. They were also friends and an actual band before the show got picked up, not some Disney lineup created for maximum marketability. If you like the show, it’s a definite buy.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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