Celebrate National Aquarium Month with 10 Best Disney Water Scenes

Living in Southern California gives us a great advantage of being a hop, skip and a jump away from the Pacific Ocean.  Sea life is apparent wherever you go in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

We live close to an aquarium, and no matter how many times we visit, my kids always enjoy learning about aquatic life. One fish tank we have to see every time we go is right in the entrance of the  aquarium. This is where the clownfish that were made popular by the hit Disney movie Finding Nemo are displayed.

June is National Aquarium month, and we are celebrating with a splash!  Grab a towel and your favorite Disney Parks poncho as we take a look at some of Disney’s best water scenes!

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    Disney Best Water Scene

    In celebration of National Aquarium Month, here are my Top 10 Disney water scenes! 

  • Part of our World! 2 of 11

    The scene brings back so many memories.  I was thirteen when this movie was released and I remember cheering for Ariel. This climatic scene of The Little Mermaid, is one of the most recognizable water scene for a Disney movie. 

  • The Tough get Going! 3 of 11
    brave- elinor river

    When Queen Elinor was transformed into a bear by Merida in Brave, it was probably one of the best scenes in the movie. The roles are reversed as Merida and her mom start to bond by this daughter teaching her mom how to catch her own food.

  • Radiator Falls 4 of 11
    cars falls

    How many of you remember this scene in the movie Cars? This is the part where Lightning McQueen starts to fall in love with Sally.  Who else can resist such a beautiful background?  It's absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous enough that you can drive by Radiator Falls when you visit Cars Land in Disney California Adventure and ride Radiator Springs Racers

  • I Must Go and Fetch the Water 5 of 11
    JB water

    This song "My Own Home" in the classic movie, The Jungle Book, is one of my favorite songs, ever! When Mowgli sees another human for the first time, he's immediately awestruck by this beauty, who is fetching water for her family. 

  • Can you Speak Whale? 6 of 11
    FN dory

    IIIIIIIIII beeeeeeeet yooooooouuuuuuu caaaAAAAAaaaaannnnnnn!  See that? That was my best whale talk!  Thanks to Dory, I have kids who refuse to learn any kind of Spanish, but were dying to learn whale.  When we were in the theater watching Finding Nemo, this scene had the whole audience rolling in their seats with laughter.

  • Paradise Falls 7 of 11
    up, waterfall

    How many of us have a travel bucket list just like Carl and Ellie in the movie UP? They had always wanted to visit Paradise Falls. Ellie was so close to realizing her dream before she passed (pass the tissues, please) and after Carl is fed up with living in the city, he takes it upon himself to make a dream come true by going to Paradise Falls, for him and for his Ellie. 

  • Is the Water Sanitary? 8 of 11
    tarzan water

    In this sweet scene, we see Tantor trying to determine if the water is sanitary. It's so hilarious to see this big ol' elephant with his phobias, especially water, in the movie Tarzan.  I love this scene.  I need to see this movie again.

  • Abandon Ship! 9 of 11
    potc water

    As a huge Pirates of the Caribbean movie fan, this scene is forever embedded in my mind. Here we finally get to meet Captain Jack Sparrow as he abandons whatever is left of his ship and tries to commandeer a better ship so he can go after the Black Pearl.  I love, love, love this scene!

  • Around the River Bend 10 of 11
    pocha water

    What is waiting around the river bend?  The movie Pocahontas is full of lessons that we can learn from.  In this scene, we find Pocahontas wanting to find out what will come next into her life.  What will the next chapter bring her?   What awaits her if she should falls in love with Captain John Smith?  This is a classic Disney scene.

  • Be a Man, Sort of! 11 of 11
    mulan water

    When Mulan wanted to refresh herself by taking a dip in the lake, little did she know she was about to have company!  Remember, she was pretending to be a man, so she can take her father's place in the Imperial Army, in the movie, Mulan.  When she tries to graciously leave the water, she's met with one of the most comical scene in the movie!

PHOTO SOURCE: Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Studios

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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