Celery Recall: 4 Die of Listeria Infections

Celery has been implicated in four deaths from listeriosis

A celery recall is underway in Texas following 10 cases of listeriosis, 4 of them fatal.

Listeriosis is especially dangerous to pregnant women: it’s the bacterial nasty you’re avoiding when you skip sushi, raw milk cheeses and deli meats during your pregnancy.

People with weaker immune systems are also at increased risk from exposure to listeriosis. Here’s what you need to know about this recall.

The celery causing this outbreak has been linked to a plant in Texas, selling processed celery to schools and hospitals. The plant denies any wrongdoing, and has even resorted to promoting a video claiming that state health workers contaminated their samples when inspecting the plant.

The FDA believes the celery has been sold only in Texas and Oklahoma. If you live outside those states, you’re probably safe.  If you live in them, be sure to follow the news closely, and plan to pack school lunches for awhile. The contaminated celery wasn’t sold in grocery stores.

In any event, you can go ahead and buy fresh celery: only processed celery has been implicated in this listeria outbreak.

It seems like there’s a new food recall every few days lately. Is this a sign of our food system breaking down, becoming too industrialized and prone to contamination? Or is it just better communication? Maybe our food was always this prone to making us sick, and we’re just better at identifying and publicizing the causes now.

Still, it leaves me wondering: is anything safe to eat?

We’ll keep you updated as this story unfolds.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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