Celine Dion Hospitalized, But No C-Section Scheduled

Celine Dion
Why you spreading rumors about me, girlfriend?!

Contrary to rumors circulating last week, pop star Celine Dion has not thrown diva fits about her pregnancy – nor has she scheduled a C-section for October 22.  She has, however, been admitted to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida “for observation at the recommendation of her doctors,” the hospital released in a statement to People magazine this morning.  Say her doctors, “She has been admitted to prevent the early delivery of her babies, which is the standard of care for any patient with twin pregnancy in this clinical setting.”

Staff at St. Mary’s stress that Celine “is not scheduled at any predetermined date for her delivery” and that “she has not requested or selected any particular staff or accommodations not available to other patients.  The patient is being treated as any other OB patient who comes to St. Mary’s Medical Center.”

How nice!  Proof that Celine is not “too posh to push.”  In fact, recent studies show that despite rapidly rising C-section rates all over the world, the vast majority of the surgeries are not optional or elective, but rather performed out of medical necessity.

TIME magazine reports, based on a study published in the British Medical Journal, “about 90% of women with a breech baby opted for c-section, as did 71% of women who had had a previous c-section.  Mothers who experienced serious medical problems during labor also chose surgical delivery following recommendations from their doctors.”

The question is, why are doctors recommending C-sections so frequently?  We’ve talked about the answer before, but let me reiterate.  As TIME suggests, “some doctors, faced with problems during labor, may choose C-section sooner than is necessary,” adding, “C-sections make more money for private hospitals than vaginal deliveries.  And they’re cheaper than vaginal birth after cesarean section, or VBAC, which, thanks to liability issues, requires additional medical staff at most hospitals; doing the c-section also avoids potential lawsuits by patients.”

I’d love to hear from any readers out there who’ve had a VBAC.  My daughter was born via C-section, and if I have another child, I’d like to attempt a vaginal birth.  To those of you who also delivered via C-section, do you think your doctor rushed the decision?  I’m inclined to think I could have given birth naturally, but since I’d never been in labor before, I felt uninformed.  It made more sense for me to trust my doctor and aquiesse to the surgery than it did for me to fight and wind up in trouble, but I sometimes wonder what might have happened if we waited a bit longer – or if I hadn’t been induced.  Let’s discuss!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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