Century-Old French Playing Cards Depict "Women of the Future"

Men at the turn of the twentieth century may not have had the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, but they weren’t at a complete loss for photographs of women posing for the awe of the male species. In fact, some of the women captured on film for the admiration of men were, in my opinion, more charming than the scantily clad females of the present.

Take this series of French photographic playing cards released in 1902. They depict women in a variety of “futuristic” careers. These include professions such as doctor, lawyer, sailor, and firefighter. Their wardrobe is a bit impractical — a sleeveless shirt for fighting fire is questionable — but all of the women appear proud to be photographed in their quirky ensembles.

Check out these pin-up girls of old:

  • Firefighter 1 of 11
    A sleeveless ensemble isn't ideal for heading into a blaze. Perhaps she'll extinguish flames with sass?
  • Policewoman 2 of 11
    You have the right to remain silent. Commentary on her hat and sword combination will be held against you.
  • Mayor 3 of 11
    White gloves and a top hat ready this lady to lead a town.
  • Congresswoman 4 of 11
    With a drink and a fancy tie, this woman is ready to address parliament.
  • Infantry soldier 5 of 11
    Infantry soldier
    Pensive and armed, this lady is ready for battle.
  • Sailor 6 of 11
    Setting sail never looked so good.
  • Jockey 7 of 11
    It is likely that the whip is for the horses, but the look in her eye makes me wonder.
  • Journalist 8 of 11
    More reporters should carry a cane and wear a snappy hat these days.
  • Art student 9 of 11
    Art student
    Pipe in hand and canvas under arm, this girl is ready to paint a masterpiece.
  • Lawyer 10 of 11
    Monicles should be a wardrobe requirement of all lawyers.
  • Doctor 11 of 11
    This depiction of a female physician was meant to get a man's heart racing at the turn of the century.


From Ptak Science Books via io9.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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