Cereal Boxes That Tell It Like It Is! Artist Packaging Parodies

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Packaging parodies nutritionally void cereals

Check out these cereal boxes that tell it like it is, as one artist replaced cereal packages in a store with parodies of popular cereals that include names like “Sugar Frosted Fat” and “Sugar Diabetic Bear.”

Anyone else getting flashbacks to Wacky Packages?

Artist Ron English replaces nutritionally void cereal packages with some straight talk!

Take a look at these gems (and recall those Wacky Packs of yesteryear…):

“Trix: Healthy Rabbits Don’t Eat the Trix” includes “Obese Bunny Trix the Kids” and has a “Free Lucky Amputated Rabbit’s Foot in Every Box.” Plus, it’s an “Excellent Source of Childhood Diabetes.”

“Cap’N Corn Starch” has “2 Scoops of Sugar in Every Bite” and of course is “A Good Source of Tooth Decay.”

And how about “Yucky Children Charmer” – it’s “A good source of cavities.”

“Sugar Diabetic Bear” isn’t so great on the teeth, as it “Dissolves unwanted tooth enamel.”

“Sugar Frosted Fat” has the added bonus of a “Free Ritalin dose” though!

What do you think of these cereal box parodies?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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