Charlie Sheen Utters Chaim Levine and Sinks to a New Low, Even for Him

Charlie Sheen
The cancellation of "Two and a Half Men" is worst for the crew of the show, but the cause behind it is tragic for Sheen's kids

Poor Charlie Sheen can’t catch a break. The highest paid actor on TV just wants to be left alone with his wads of cash, drugs, porn stars and ex-, abused wives to do as he pleases. And, oh yeah, he’ll show up for work and do his job — quite possibly nine sheets to the wind, but he’ll be there — and watch the ratings soar. What’s wrong with that?

Of course, what’s wrong is the big, mean TV people won’t let him do his job, even going so far as to cancel the rest of the season of the wildly popular Two and a Half Men. So he has every right to call his loyal producer, Chuck Lorre, “Chaim Levine.” After all, a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, right?

I weep for Sheen’s five children.

While yes, “Chaim” might be the Hebrew name for Charles, from which “Chuck” is derived, and yes, Lorre’s family name might have originally been “Levine,” but when a man is as ill as Sheen clearly is uses it in the context that he did (“I violently hate Chaim Levine”), is it really his imperative to use it? Clearly not, as the executives on the television show were so irked by Sheen’s rant they cut off the livelihood of scores of people by declaring Two and a Half Men, Sheen’s starring vehicle, done for the season.

“Chaim Levine” isn’t anti-Semitic just like Mel Gibson’s father would say that the existence of the Holocaust is a bald-faced lie (as well as a glaring inconvenience).

But the fact is, there’s nothing subtle about Sheen’s anti-Semitic tone and intent.

Years ago, when I told someone my (maiden) name, which is Cohen, he said to me, “You don’t look like a Jew. But that’s a compliment.” He didn’t get how that was anti-Semitic. Taken in the context of his situation, Sheen, on the other hand, knew his words word laced with venom and hatred.

Sheen’s father, actor Martin Sheen, said the other day that his son’s addiction is akin to cancer. While I’m not disagreeing that could be true, at what point will someone talk to a judge about cutting off his access to his bank account and strapping him down and forcing him to go into a real recovery program before someone — anyone — is seriously hurt? And, please, God (the Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any of one them), let him stop embarrassing his children.

Denise Richards, one of Sheen’s ex-wives, is making the rounds in the press, talking about how she’s trying to protect her elementary school-aged children — 2 of his 5 — from their father’s mortifying behavior. But addiction is one thing. There are books to explain to children how it is a disease, and how they can cope. However, how do you explain to your kids that your dad is an anti-Semite? What’s the cure for the hate in someone’s blood?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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