Chat Heads: Really, Facebook?

I updated the Facebook app on my phone yesterday and immediately noticed a super annoying interesting new feature; instead of my messages and chats appearing as they normally did, they appeared as a sort of… well, bubbles.

Of course, Facebook didn’t call them “friend bubbles” or something more cute and charming. They called them “chat heads.” Chat heads, apparently, are an element of Facebook Home that’s been ported over into the regular app. Android users can see their chat heads regardless of whether or not they have the Facebook app open.

Side note: um, is anyone else beginning to wonder if we’re soon going to have to have the Facebook Home app to access Facebook on our phones soon?

CNet shares some of the highlights from today’s All Things D conference mobile section, where Facebook announced the change to the app.

“Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer and Vice President of Mobile Engineering Cory Ondrejka told attendees at an All Things D mobile event today that the social network is about to push an update to its iOS application that would add its quirky messaging experience to Apple devices.

Chat Heads reimagines mobile messaging by coupling Facebook Messenger and SMS updates into a more playful environment where contacts’ profile pics denote new message threads and stick around as floating heads until flicked away.”

I’m not that impressed, frankly. I’m also thrilled that Adrienne was kind enough to share around that you can easily get rid of the chat heads by pulling them down to the bottom of the screen and closing them out so you don’t have to have them popping up.

What do you think? Do you like the Chat Heads? Do you have an idea for a better name?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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