Cheapskate Dad Won’t Buy a Carseat

carseat_fullEver notice the people who write to Dear Abby hail from the wussiest section of the society? We’ve just found a contender for nancy ninny of the week with this one.

A mom writes in to old Mrs. VanBuren to say she got into a car accident with her kid. The insurance company says buy a new carseat, and we’ll reimburse you. Dad says no,  it’s a waste of money.

Dad might actually be right – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says not all carseats need to be replaced after a crash. But the NHTSA clarifies that their reasoning for narrowing the definition of crashes that require a seat change is to cut down on the number of kids who will then ride carseat-less because of the financial constraints put on parents and the time it will take to buy a new seat. So they’re not exactly putting a smiley face sticker on the seats post-crash. Read between the lines, and you see “it’s better than nothing.”

Call me the “gullible consumer” here, but when the manual of every major child manufacturer of carseats says the thing needs to be replaced post-accident, I’m willing to pay to make sure that thing works the next time around.

But that’s actually all beside the point. This mom feels her child’s safety is at risk. And she’d rather “continue feeling guilty about placing our child in a possibly compromised car seat” than upset her husband? The funny thing about becoming a parent is that it’s not about you – or him – anymore. It’s about them.

Grow a pair honey, and get your kid a new carseat.

Image: ehow

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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