A Chicken Nugget in the Making

chicken nugget, fast food
No, that's not soft serve!

Need a reason to quit feeding your kid chicken nuggets? Or maybe something that will convince your child to stop ordering them. How about this picture? That pretty pink paste? Well, that’s your chicken nugget in the making.

Just in case you’re not afraid of something that looks like pink toothpaste, here’s a little background info, from Gizmodo:

After chicken parts are broken down — all the knuckles and joints and other wacky stuff — it’s pressed through a sieve and then made into a paste. Because there’s bacteria all over everything, it’s all dunked in ammonia at some point. Then there’s the flavor issue, so a bunch of salty flavorings are added. And because you’d never eat pink chicken-y stuff, there’s also supplemental color.

Bits are squirted out, dunked in a batter and deep fried. Nummers!

Show this picture to your nugget-eating kids — what did they think?

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Photo: Early Onset of Night via Gizmodo

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