Another Smoking Toddler -- This Time It's Stronger.

child abuse
A two-year-old was videotaped smoking a joint

First, there was the smoking toddler of Indonesia. Now there’s a 2-year-old girl who smokes weed.

A cellphone video of the child’s mother seemingly coaching her daughter to smoke a joint has been circulating on the internet.

Gawker reports that Cincinnati police released the video, but I’m not sure what purpose that would serve.

A concerned person who witnessed the incident had the good sense to send the tape to Family Services, who presumably contacted the police.

The police have been able to identify the mother as 21-year Jessica Gamble from suburban Cincinnati, Ohio. Indicted on charges including corruption with drugs and child endangerment, Gamble may now face up to eleven years in jail.

Gawker asks “what’s up with all the smoking babies recently?” and I wonder the same thing. I fear that these sorts of incidents have been occuring for years, but only now because of cell phone video capability and other high-tech gadgets are we finding out about it.

One commenter on Gawker wonders if prospective parents should be required to pass a test before taking on the responsibility of parenting. Certainly, it seems as if the mom in this case acted terribly irresponsibly by putting her child at danger. It’s also disturbing to me that so many parents these days get a kick out of videotaping their kids in inappropriate situations.

Not funny at all. Let’s hope this poor kid has other responsible adults in her life. Meanwhile, we’ve opted not to include the video clip since it’s so upsetting. That poor kid!

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Photo: flickr/Snap Man (Note: this photo is not the child from the video. The picture here was taken in 1969).

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