CHILDHOOD FAIL: The Age-Inappropriate Behaviors, Clothes and Attitudes Adults Put On Kids

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Oh no...

The nation is rightfully aghast at the strange face of New Jersey’s tanning mom, Patricia Krentcil, whose skin is so bizarely burnt orange she makes George Hamilton look like Sean Patrick Flanery in “Powder.” Krentcil is in court today facing child endangerment charges after being accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter with her to the tanning salon. Krentcil says her daughter was with her in the room where she was tanning, but that her fair-skinned daughter never entered the tanning bed. She claims instead that her daughter was sunburned while playing outside on a warm day.

Most onlookers have a hard time believing Krentcil isn’t tanning-obsessed based on the extreme color and texture of her skin, thus remaining skeptical about her story. After all, if a woman is so obsessed with tanning (commenters at Gawker say she has “tanorexia”), might she not also want her daughter to be bronze? It’s hard to say. I’d like to take this mother at her word, because as this slideshow will prove, we’ve already got enough age-inappropriate behavior being foisted on children by adults who seem to have lost a sense of boundaries. Here’s a look at the craziest ‘too young, too soon’ trends from the past year:

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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