Childhood Vs. Adulthood: Meme Edition

It’s no secret that children and adults see the world very differently. This fact was brought to my attention this week by a viral meme that showed a child blowing a dandelion. One caption said, “Childhood: Spreads Joy” next to another that said, “Adulthood: Spreads Weeds.” It was simple and apt, a perfect example of how the years greatly change one’s perspective on things.

In thinking about just how differently children and adults see things, we’ve put together our own set of ten memes that highlight those different points of view. Which one do you think is the most accurate?

  • Ice Cream 1 of 10
    ice cream 2

    Children don't think of the consequences of eating ice cream, but it's all us adults can do.

  • Spinning 2 of 10

    When you were a child, getting dizzy was fun. Now it's a sign of vertigo or having too much to drink.

  • Puddles 3 of 10

    Jumping in puddles may be fun for kids, but as a parent, it's hard not be worried about wet feet and needing to buy new shoes.

  • Messy Eaters 4 of 10

    Yes, it may be adorable, but as a parent it's hard not to think, "Will that spaghetti sauce leave a permanent stain?"

  • Rides 5 of 10

    I don't know about you, but I can no longer do one of those spinning rides like the teacups at Disneyland. But as a kid, I loved them!

  • Candy 6 of 10

    A lollipop is pure joy for a child and also something dentists love — it means more business for them.

  • Jumping Rope 7 of 10

    Jumping rope was once a fun playground game, but once you grow up, it becomes a tough part of your workout routine.

  • Naptime 8 of 10

    For children, nap time is a necessity. And for parents, it's also a necessity, but in a different way: it's often the only time you can squeeze in a shower.

  • Finger Painting 9 of 10

    You want to be happy that your child is having so much fun creating art, but when you're a parent, you're also preoccupied with ending up with a multicolored dining room table. 

  • Clouds 10 of 10

    Us adults just see clouds, but kids see a whole other world.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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