Choosing To Have “Mom Hair”

One night, at about 2:30 a.m., I had to make a choice: my hair, or my baby.

I had great hair. Thick, wavy hair. The kind of stuff that stars in fairy tales. It fell down to my hips. It was the first thing people noticed about me, my pride and joy.

It was also a rope in the hands of a cheerful 8-month-old who’d just learned to climb. I found this behavior cute at first. Everything your first child does is cute the first time she does it. Spit-up is cute, at first. So is hair-pulling.

The cuteness wore off, though. Nothing is cute at 2:30 a.m.

She’d been climbing my hair like a miniature Rapunzel for hours. Finally, I lost it. I yelled, “Don’t pull my hair!”

That’s right, I yelled at an 8 month old baby. My husband startled awake and blearily said, “Sierra, you can’t yell at the baby. She’s little.”

He was right. Not only was the baby little, she was the most precious thing in my world. Much more precious than my hair. Truth be told, I’d been neglecting the hair in favor of the baby for awhile. My once flowing locks had turned into a snarly mess more days than not. Even when I brushed it out neatly, I kept it braided or up in a bun. I rarely got to show off my fairy-tale tresses anymore.

So I made a decision.

“You’re right,” I said. “The baby is more important than my hair. Will you hold her a minute?”

He took our daughter and I went to find a pair of scissors. In the bathroom I pulled all that long hair back into a ponytail, which I then hacked off at the nape of my neck. No more Rapunzel. No more problem.

My baby was a little confused for a minute, but we had peace about my hair forever after.

When I went to see a hairdresser to fix the mess I’d made, she shaped it up into a bob for me, spiky at the back, a little longer in front.

“You decided to go for the mom cut,” she said knowingly. Apparently this is a thing, cutting off your long hair for your baby.

Did you cut your hair when you had kids? Was it a tough decision or an obvious one? Or did you fight the pressure to get the mom cut and keep your locks long?

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Photo: Sierra Black

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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