Christian Bale Proves Real-Life Super Heroes Exist and are Way Better than Fictitious Ones

Christian Bale
No mask needed in order to do good deeds

Movie super heroes are a nice fantasy, but they have nothing on the real thing.

Christian Bale, the most recent actor to portray Batman on the silver screen in “The Dark Knight Rises,” touched the hearts of not a few people earlier this summer when he paid a very low-key visit to the hospital staff who treated some of the victims of the Aurora movie theater massacre, as well as some of the survivors and their family.

And now he’s done it again — proved that fictitious super heroes have nothing on the likes of him in real life, that is.

Jayden Barber, 4, has leukemia. Bale arranged for the boy and his family to fly from their home in Youngstown, Ohio, to Disneyland. But taking it one step further, Bale and his family joined them for lunch at the über-exclusive Disney club 33 where he and Jayden chatted endlessly about movies and super heroes, according to Jayden’s mom.

Yahoo News reports that Jayden was diagnosed with Ewings Sacroma bone cancer in 2010 and went into remission after 14 rounds of chemotherapy. Unfortunately he was later diagnosed with a second, rare form of cancer called MDS leukemia, which was caused by the chemo.

It’s too bad real-life super heroes can’t cure real and terrible diseases, but there’s still something pricelessly heroic about making a very sick little boy forget all about his troubles for a day anyway.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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