Chuck E. Cheese Accused Of Flipping The Bird In Kid's Birthday Photo

Is this seemingly happy mouse trying to corrupt innocent children? You be the judge.

Oh, my. I can’t decide whether to laugh or not.

Okay, I’m lying. I totally laughed.

Chuck E. Cheese is accused of making an obscene gesture while cuddling a kid for a birthday photo in New Mexico.

It’s been a tough year for the company.  First, a mother accused Chuck E Cheese of proactively promoting childhood gambling, now the big mouse himself is accused of Flipping The Bird at a 4-year-old’s birthday party

Here, take a look:

What do you think? Is the bird the word?

During his birthday party last Sunday, Corbin Anderson posed with Chuck E., the mascot for Chuck E. Cheese. Corbin’s parents think Chuck E is making an offensive gesture.  However, Chuck E Cheese spokesperson Brenda Holloway says it’s a “wardrobe malfunction”.  She says his glove is a thumb and three fingers, so what you actually see his is index finger and not his middle finger.

Hmmm…  I’d have to see the hand in a different position to make an accurate call, I thought.  So I googled Chuck E Cheese images and found this:

Tough call, tough call.  But I think it’s The Bird.  Why else would the fingers all be curled up just so? That’s a tough scenario to maneuver, no? Yet Holloway is sticking with her story.  She tells the El Paso Times, “He has big wide paws, like a glove, and they’re lumpy and not clearly defined,” said Brenda Holloway. “His glove is a thumb and three fingers, so what you see is his index finger extended – not his middle finger,” she said.

Corbin, his parents, grandmother and four brothers and sisters had reserved a party spot at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in the Mesilla Valley Mall.  Corbin was celebrating his big day and wanted a hug from Chuck E.  He got one.  It wasn’t until the family got home and went to upload the pictures to Facebook that they noticed the errant finger.

“I was mad. I still am,” said Andrea Anderson, Corbin’s mother. “That’s his 4th birthday picture, and it’s ruined. That was no way to treat a child,” she said.

Karen Anderson, Corbin’s grandmother is certain it was Chuck E’s middle finger.  “It seemed like he did not really want to be there,” she said of the pizza restaurant mascot of 35 years, who was not allowed to speak to the Sun-News.

Dad, Jesse Anderson, is pretty upset.

“Why would you do that? If you don’t like your job, there is somebody else out there who would love to do what you do. You can go somewhere else to flip somebody off. That’s inappropriate.”

Both parents said they contacted the corporate headquarters of Chuck E Cheese, but claim that there was not a willingness to apologize or even address the situation.

Still, as the El Paso Times reports, Chuck E. Cheese corporate spokeswoman Brenda Holloway – who has seen the image – maintains that the position of the hand is due entirely to the floppy nature of the outfit material, and that they have contacted the frustrated parents.

“It’s not like we ignored their concerns,” said Holloway. “We would be happy to talk with the family and see if we can come to an amicable solution to this,” she said.

Um, GET OVER IT, mom and dad. The birthday wasn’t ruined, for hell sakes.  They didn’t even see the photo until way after they got home.  And what?  Did they make Corbin look at the photo and tell him what the mouse is doing? They could’ve had a private parental laugh and moved on.

I want to know who is under the costume?  A slacker adult?  A sullen teen?  Let the mouse speak, I say!

What do you think? Would you be as outraged as the Andersons or would you, like me, have a little chuckle with your spouse?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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