Classic Children's Book Features Stalking Mom

love-you-foreverI was huddled in my daughter’s bed the other night reading a classic children’s book that I was told by several other moms I just “HAD TO HAVE,” when I realized this wildly acclaimed book is totally freakin’ creepy.

What is it?

Love You Forever. Heard of it? It’s the story of a mom who has a habit of sneaking into her son’s room, picking up his sleeping body and cuddling with him. She sings a little song while she rocks him about how he’ll always be her baby. Which is totally cool when he’s two or even nine.

But she doesn’t stop there. Mom is still popping open her son’s door when he’s all grown up and living cross town. She gets in her car, drives there and goes into his bedroom (fortunately the author skips the scene where she apparently breaks into his house). Can someone say boundaries Ma?

Skip to the next page where she calls him up to tell him she’s sick, so get over here now Sonny Boy. Now that’s what mama’s boys are made of!

The sappy sweet book wouldn’t be so bad if it jumped straight to the end where sonny boy picks up his newborn daughter and sings his mom’s little song. But I can’t help envisioning the scene in which Mom walks in on her being made in one of her midnight jaunts across town!

The book came out in the late eighties, so it wasn’t on my shelf when I was a kid. But I’d heard good things, and the Amazon reviews are glowing. Is this one on your shelves?

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