Clothing of the Future: How Present-Day Fashions Were Hilariously NOT Predicted in 1939 (VIDEO)

Clothing of the future
Marge Simpson’s inspiration?

Famous fashion designers, circa 1939, were asked to forecast what women would be wearing in the year 2000.

Dresses that can be adapted for any time of day was among the educated guesses. Educated, that is, until you hear  — “it’s the sleeves what does it.”

Also predicted to be en vogue in the 21st century: Transparent net (“to catch the males”), hair-dos that loom higher than the average skyscraper, “skirts that will disappear entirely” (which isn’t so far off if you consider some skirts these days are so short they’re actually difficult to spot), an electric belt that will “adapt the body to climatic changes,” wedding dresses made of glass and electric head lights.

The prediction for men? No shaving, color, ties or pockets. “He’ll be fitted for a telephone, radio, and a container for coins, key, and candy for cuties,” is the hypothesis. Which is right in some ways, and so, so wrong in a very different and very creepy way.

Surprisingly accurate? The prediction for shoes.

Take a look at the clothing of the future (just not your future):



Video credit Vintage Fashions/YouTube

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