Cocktail Playdates: Is it Okay for Moms to Mix Drinking and Childcare? (Good Morning America Video)

Okay to drink wine at playdates
Is it okay to drink wine at playdates?

Is it okay to sip cocktails or wine during playdates?

That’s the topic of debate among those who organize “cocktail playdates” and those who oppose the mixing drinking with childcare.

In a piece on Good Morning America, Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks with ladies who sip wine while their kids play together.

The general consensus? It’s not a big deal, as long as they’re drinking responsibly.

Still, of the six women Hasselbeck sat down with, one woman said she wasn’t comfortable with drinking alcohol while watching her kids.

One of the moms tells Hasselbeck, “You know, it’s kind of is a nice opportunity to … sort of, know, loosen up and take our mom hat off for a minute,” while another shares, “No one’s getting, you know, bombed or anything like that. Just sitting back, relaxing, having a drink or two with your girlfriends and their kids. ”

The mother who isn’t comfortable with drinking around her kids notes, “My boys are so active, I have to watch them constantly. And I would never, obviously, do anything to put them, you know, in harm’s way.”

If they couldn’t have these types of playdates, the women say they would be “crabby,” miserable,” “bummed out,” or “nuts.”

Really, ladies?

It should be noted that the group of Florida moms featured in this piece meet once a month and no one is driving.

Okay, time to weigh in. Do you drink in front of your kids? Do you plan social get-togethers with moms and their kids where the moms drink cocktails?

Is it necessary?

Personally, I avoided drinking alcohol in front of my kids for quite some time because I never felt comfortable drinking around them.

They’re older now and they see me have a glass of wine here and there with dinner, but I never would have entertained the idea of getting together for playdates with alcohol involved.

I’m no prude. It just doesn’t seem like a necessary component of a playdate. How about saving the booze for a mom’s night out instead?

Our kids do learn by example, after all. And, I hate to say it, but worst case scenario, what if a child got hurt and no one could drive?

The Good Morning America piece also explores those moms who bring kids to bars. Just. no. The two don’t go together at all!


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