Coffee, Tea or Plan B? College Offers Morning-After Pill in Vending Machine

Vending machine
The most controversial vending machine offering since New Coke

Cigarettes in vending machines? That’s child’s play compared to the offerings in a vending machine on campus at a public university in Pennsylvania.

Not only does Shippensburg University offer condoms and home pregnancy test kits in a vending machine in its health center, but they also offer the morning-after pill (in case the condom fails but before the pregnancy test kit is needed?), according to Fox News.

The decision to offer such risqué items was made in consultation with the school’s medical staff, and a survey of students found that 85 percent support it. Someone who doesn’t support it? The school’s minister.

“We value student input on matters that directly pertain to their health and safety so these results were an important part of the decision-making process,” a school spokesperson told Fox News. “We are not the first one to make this available so this is not unique to us or to public higher education.”

The vending machine that houses Plan B, which is the morning-after pill available without a prescription to anyone over the age of 17, is located in a private room in the health center, and is only accessible by students.

The pastor of Our Lady of the Visitation Roman Catholic Church, who is the school’s campus minister, is said to “actively” oppose any contraceptive made available on school grounds.

The pill is sold on campus for $25, which is less expensive than if bought in a pharmacy. Fox News says the school is not subsidizing the cost.

I get that a pastor is opposed to anything related to sex, but for the rest of us living in reality (I mean, come on already) it actually seems like a reasonable offering. Kids have sex. It’s a fact. They should use condoms, but some don’t, and sometimes condoms break.

And kids can be embarrassed to walk into a drug store to buy this stuff. There’s nothing illegal about the morning-after pill or confoms, so why not just let the vending machine and its contents sit in peace, quiet, and privacy in the health center and we can pretend we never talked about it (that is, if it makes you uncomfortable to talk about icky things like sex and birth control).

Do you think selling the morning-after pill on a college campus is worth getting your panties in a bunch about? Or is it just good common sense?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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