Colbert and Sendak Part II: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, You're an Idiot

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Maurice Sendak

My beloved Stephen Colbert is facing some pretty stiff competition in the “my imaginary boyfriend” department from 83-year-old children’s book author Maurice Sendak. I had never heard Sendak speak before watching the first part of his interview with Colbert this week, but now that I’ve had a taste of his brutal honesty and charming humanity, I’m hooked. Not only did I love last night’s conclusion of “Grim Colberty Tales,” I stayed up past my bedtime (don’t tell my kid) to listen to the profoundly touching interview Sendak gave to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross in September. (Thanks to reader Samantha for the tip!) Side note: Oddly, Gross was Colbert’s live interview guest last night, and it turns out she’s a fascinating subject herself.

Check out part two of the Colbert/Sendak exchange (it’s just as funny and delightful as the first) and then I’ll direct you to Sendak’s interview with Gross. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll be better than If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:

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Here’s the link to Sendak’s most recent Fresh Air interview. I’m going to search for his earlier interviews with Gross today. I’m in love! With a gay man! So not the first time!


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