Colorado Toddler Survives After Swallowing 3.5-Inch Screwdriver

An x-ray clearly shows the screwdriver in Sheila's large intestine

I like to think I watch my toddler like a hawk. She’s hardly ever more than an arm’s length away from me. Like hardly ever. If she’s awake, she’s by my side.

And yet, on Friday afternoon I was chatting with a friend outside who glanced over my shoulder at my daughter and asked, “Is that a piece of glass in her mouth?” Sure enough, she had picked up a picked of broken plastic from the ground that was about an inch in diameter. It was as sharp as a piece of broken glass and she stood there running it over her tongue. There’s such thing as watching your kid, but who can watch them at every possible second?

Surely that’s how parents of a toddler in Alamosa, Colo., are consoling themselves after their little girl swallowed a 3.5-inch screwdriver, which had to be surgically removed from her large intestine.

Sheila Martinez isn’t quite two and her parents don’t know how she got a hold of the eyeglass tool, which took surgeons an hour to remove. Fortunately all reports are that little Sheila is recovering well.

I can see how it could be easy to criticize Sheila’s parents in this case for not watching her better, but I know from experience that you childproof your home, watch your kid and hope for the best, but stuff (and screwdrivers) happen. They just do.

Image: CBS Denver

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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