Comedians Turn Posing with Baguettes Into Hilarious, High Art (Photos)

It all started with a love of cheese.

That’s what comedian John Milhiser told me about his hilarious series of portraits of himself, other comedians – and even a few bona fide celebrities – somehow involving baguettes. “I moved out here (to LA) about 7 months ago,” Milhiser recalled, “and one week, Tim Bierbaum from my sketch group Serious Lunch came and visited. We’re cheese heads so we bought some cheese and a baguette one night to eat. I posed with a baguette as a baseball bat over my shoulders. From there we kept coming up with different ideas the baguette could be.”

Bierbaum took a few photos of Milhiser in different tableaus where a baguette surprisingly takes the place of something mundane, thus transforming the photo not just into a piece of comedy, but also creating high art that causes the viewer to awaken to new possibilities in everyday situations.

Milhiser takes the baguette photos with comedians in LA and Bierbaum covers New York. Milhiser says he’s prepared at any moment to grab a photo of a comedian or actor he’s working with. “I now always travel with a couple baguettes in my car,” he told me. That’s how he scored shots with famous faces like Marcia Gay Harden and everyone’s favorite Internet Superstar George Takei. (Check them out below.) I’ve chosen to feature photos mostly focusing on domestic life or routine goings-on from Milhiser and Bierbaum’s already vast portfolio, but they’ve got several shots that are more dramatic and/or poke fun of Hollywood.

Note: None of the baguettes in these photos have been photoshopped in. “All the baguettes were present during the photo shoots,” Milhiser said. And yes, some of them were harmed. Take a look:

  • Ticket! 1 of 20
    Bet that's gonna cost a lotta bread!

    Subject: John Milhiser

  • Shave 2 of 20
    You wanna look clean-shaven, not crumby!

    Subject: John Milhiser

  • Blowout 3 of 20
    Yeast helps everything rise.

    Subject: Marcy Jarreau

  • Stop and smell the roses. 4 of 20
    Stop and smell the roses.
    So fresh. Like they've baked in the sun all day.

    Subject: John Milhiser

  • Watering the lawn. 5 of 20
    Watering the lawn.
    It's looking a little crusty...

    Subject: John Milhiser

  • Subway 6 of 20
    Just another ride on the B train...

    Subject: Sasheer Zamata

  • Caught one! 7 of 20
    Caught one!
    What's that proverb? If you teach a man to fish, he'll multiply loaves of bread?

    Subject: Anthony Miale

  • Suspenders 8 of 20
    L-oven this look.

    Subject: Andrew Law

  • Dresses 9 of 20
    Clearly a painful decision.

    Subject: Chris Smith and Rebecca Delgado Smith

  • Engagement 10 of 20
    She can't carb her enthusiasm!

    Subject: Paul Downs & Lucia Aniello

  • Pregnancy Test 11 of 20
    Pregnancy Test
    Does she have a bun in the oven?!

    Subject: Ashley Ann Hale

  • Baby 12 of 20

    Subject: Marcia Gay Harden

  • Tea Party 13 of 20
    Tea Party
    Sandwiches anyone?

    Subject: Real-life couple Anthony King and Kate Spencer with their daughter.

  • Garden 14 of 20
    Tending the flours.

    Subject: Katie Dippold

  • Laundry 15 of 20
    Out to dry.

    Subject: Pam Murphy

  • Blinds 16 of 20
    What's cookin' next door?

    Subject: Megan Amram

  • Massage 17 of 20
    A slice of heaven.

    Subject: Elaine Carroll

  • Squeegee Man 18 of 20
    Squeegee Man
    Can't tell if that bread's homemade or homeless.

    Subject: Real-life couple (and new parents) Andrea Rosen and John Gemberling

  • Broken Bread 19 of 20
    Broken Bread
    Too soon?

    Subject: Shannon O'Neill

  • Flight 20 of 20
    Please keep your baguettes buckled until the captain turns off the baguette belt sign.

    Subject: George Takei

You can see the rest of this brilliant photo collection at Baguette-me-nots. Be sure to follow the Tumblr while you’re there so you’ll be notified when new shots are added. Milhiser assured me, “There are PLENTY more coming.”


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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