Connecticut High School Student Barred from Prom for 'Controversial' Invite

Prom Proposal
A gesture meant to be romantic resulted in the suspension of three high school boys

Romance is alive and well at one Connecticut high school. Unfortunately the chances of a happy ending are less Hollywood and more, well, high school.

James Tate and two friends posted foot-tall cardboard letters outside of Shelton High School last Thursday night that read: “Sonali Rodrigues, Will you go to the prom with me? HMU —Tate.” (HMU translates to hit me up, or call me.)

The good news: Somali said yes.

The bad news: Tate and his friends were given one-day in-house suspensions and barred from attending the prom as a result of the creative invitation.

“I was telling her for the longest time that I was going to go with her, but, you know, I was waiting for a special time, special way to ask her,” Tate told Fox News. “And then I did that, and this is what happened.”

Tate said he was told by high school officials that the posting constituted trespassing and a safety risk. While he can appeal his punishment, a spokesman for the Connecticut State Department of Education said attending the prom is a privilege and students are expected to follow the rules if they want to participate.

“I think it was not handled correctly,” Tate’s mom said to Fox of the school’s response. “There should have been other ways to handle the situation. He just wanted to make a great impression on this girl.”

For his part, Tate, who will attend Syracuse University in the fall, and who has become the subject of a Facebook page started by others encouraging the creation of an alternative dance, said he was sorry for the violation and that he primarily wanted to get his friends out of trouble.

It’s hard to believe that of all the irresponsible and stupid behavior that comes out of high school, that this harmless gesture resulted in suspensions and actual punishment. If these kids are the biggest problems at this high school, it seems like the administrators should be laughing and slapping wrists instead of wasting their time meting out prom penalties.

Do you think Tate should be allowed to attend the prom?

Image: Fox CT

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