Convicted Murderer Scott Peterson Asking for Your Money

scott-petersonHe’s the kind of guy no pregnant woman wants to meet in a back alley, and now Scott Peterson wants your money!

The father-to-be who killed his pregnant wife, Laci, says money from the state of California won’t be enough to cover his attempt to appeal his murder conviction. So his family is asking for donations on their Website.

Will you be sending some cash? Yeah, me neither. Murder is an inexcusable crime in and of itself, but there is something ultra creepy about a guy who kills his pregnant wife so he can run off to live the high life with his girlfriend.

But I think the real reason I hold Scott Peterson in such low esteem is the timing of his trial: right in the days and weeks after I learned I was pregnant with my own daughter back in 2004. As happy as I was to (finally) be with child, I was pretty miserable . . . and my own husband was there for every trip to the emergency room and changie-out of puke buckets.

Which is in direct opposition to the stories that came out about Scott Peterson. While his wife was pregnant, he was having an affair and plotting her murder. Kind of blows that whole “women are at their most irresistible while pregnant” theory out the window, huh?

Does the fact that he killed a pregnant woman make Peterson’s crimes seem more heinous? Would you put up cash to help his defense?

Source/Image: SF Gate

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