Cookie Monster and Elmo Get Frisky on the Tyra Banks Show

Cookie Monster and Tyra BanksCookie Monster, Elmo, and Rosita appeared on the Tyra Banks Show in honor of Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary, and the results were TV at its most mind-bogglingly absurd.

Tyra tries to teach Cookie Monster how to “smize” (smile with his eyes), Elmo inspects Tyra’s head for evidence of a hair weave, and Cookie Monster appears to place his furry blue paw on the supermodel’s behind.

I’m not sure how I feel about Tyra corrupting the Sesame Street cast. And yet, with photos like this, you just sort of can’t turn away.

Here’s a visual depiction of the events that led to Elmo biting Tyra’s neck while Cookie Monster copped a feel. It all starts with an innocent hair weave inspection:

Sesame Street on Tyra

Sesame Street on Tyra

Apparently, enough people were disturbed by the childish blue furball’s antics that a rep for the show felt the need to clarify that Cookie Monster was not actually grabbing the supermodel’s derriere. “It’s just the angle of the photo,” the spokesperson said. I’m confused: is she trying to save Cookie Monster’s reputation or Tyra’s?

While this wasn’t Sesame Street at its most family-friendly, a mom blogger said that both she and her toddler found the episode hilarious. He particularly loved the part when Tyra tried to “struggle, struggle, struggle” into a tiny Big Bird yellow sweater, and now he keeps mimicking her by “struggling” into his own clothes. Somehow, I bet it’s a lot funnier when a two-year-old does it.

In case you missed the glory of Sesame Street stooping to Tyra’s level (a level that I freely admit is highly entertaining to spend 30 minutes on), here’s a short clip:

Images: Pop Crunch

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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