Cool! Introducing Sneakers with Special Markers That Kids are Meant to Draw On and Then Erase

Don’t like it? Wipe it clean and start over again.

If you are a parent, you presumably know from the emotional — and financial — pain of a child deliberately drawing on an item of clothing. Whether it’s a toddler taking a magic marker to her shirt or a preschooler painting his pants, it’s a special kind of hurt that instantly has you conjuring the image of the credit card receipt in your head as you chalk up yet another item of clothing into the “ruined beyond recognition” pile.

So just imagine that there exists a real, functional clothing item that’s actually meant for your budding Picasso to design their next masterpiece.

Meet Monkies shoes.

According to the site:

The Monkies Shoes come with 7 magic pens featuring bright vivid colors and a magic sponge. Kids can draw and color all over the shoe. GO PLAY UNDER THE RAINthanks to its waterproof technology, designs are safe! Even under the rain. At the end, simply wipe off with a sponge, even kids can do it.

Using a whiteboard outer coating, kids are able to use the special markers that come with the shoes to decorate them however they choose. The sneakers aren’t available yet — a Kickstarter campaign is underway to try and get the funding so the people who need to shoes the most can actually buy them in stores. Namely: parents who are annoyed that their kids treat their clothes like the blank page in a book.

Which means that all of us parents have a duty to make these sneakers a reality on store shelves everywhere. Unless you enjoy when your kids ruin a perfectly good clothing item that wasn’t meant to be drawn on?

Nice to meet you, Monkies. Where have you been all of our (children’s) lives?

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