Cool School Buses: Tricked-Out and Unique Buses from Around the World

It’s that time of year, when children around the country – and the world – are hopping on buses and heading off to school after a lengthy summer vacation. Some students have been in school for a few weeks already, their moms having gleefully waved bye to the big, yellow school bus as it drove off on the first day. Students here in New York City don’t have their first day of school until Monday, and it definitely feels like our kids are the last kids in America to head back to class.

During this extra week of vacation, I got to thinking about how exciting and wonderful that first day of school is, and not just for people who want to “get rid of” their kids, but for everyone who remembers their own school days fondly and who send their kids off into another year of learning with a sense of hope and pride. School buses are emblematic of that hope. They’re the vehicle that drives our children toward their futures. Even though school buses can also feel like a moving coffin for those trapped in them with bullies (including some poor drivers), they remain a symbol of opportunity and democracy, of social progress and human curiosity. So in homage to the vehicles that are, for most of us, a giant part of our formative years, here’s a collection of buses from around the world that are almost too cool for school:

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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