5 Cities With the Highest Rents (New York isn't One of Them)

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This place has the highest rents in the nation?

The standard assumption of  New York City families is that they pay the most expensive rents in the country. But according to the latest 2010 census figures, four out of the five most expensive cities for rent in the U.S. aren’t even on the East Coast. They’re in California.

The New York City metropolitan area doesn’t even break into the Top 5.

The most expensive city for rent is San Jose, Calif. and the second most expensive city for rent is neighboring San Francisco.

Third place is Washington, D.C., the only East Coast city in the top 5. Then back to California with San Diego and Los Angeles.

The average gross median rent in San Jose is $1,414 (I know, sounds cheap to me, too). In the New York region, which included North New Jersey and Long Island, median rent only came to $1,086.

Rest assured, I’m sure if the figures were broken down by neighborhoods — or by price per square foot —  Park Slope would win.

Are the most expensive also the safest?

So renters, what do you  pay?

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