Couple Finds Python in Crib, Wrapped Around Baby (Video)

I can't blame the snake. This boy is delicious.

I was all set to be judgmental about a couple who keeps a python in the same house as a 1-year-old knowing what we know about pythons, who actually have a history of attacking and, yes, even killing small children.

Turns out, it wasn’t their python. They don’t know where it came from.

But when dad heard his son Will make a strange noise he went to check on him and found a python wrapped around his baby’s foot.Oh. My. Dear. Sweet. Lord.

Can you imagine? I mean, it’s one thing if you own a python and find it wrapped around your kid. Startling, yes, but not entirely unexpected. But to find a python slowly moving in on your kid OUT OF THE BLUE?

Fetch me my smelling salts, darling, I feel faint.

So dad used a blanket to pull the python off the little Will. The snake didn’t come off easily, either, as mom tells it in the video below. Which, by the way, is classic. Like an SNL sketch starring Will Farrell as the reporter.

Will was taken to the hospital and a bite mark was found. The boy is going to be just fine, though. No pets are allowed in the apartment building so nobody knows where the snake, who is now at an animal shelter, came from. I’m willing to bet some neighbor is quietly getting rid of all their snake supplies under cover of darkness, right?, Albany News, Weather, Sports

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