Couple Sues OB/GYN For Maiming Son During Botched Circumcision

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The baby will likely suffer lifelong consequences as a result of the botched circumcision.

A Miami couple is suing their OB/GYN for permanently damaging their infant son’s penis when she performed a circumcision shortly after his birth.

According the the Miami Herald, Steven and Keka Lorenzana of Coral Gables filed a lawsuit against Dr. Lissette Molina. The new parents say that even with corrective surgery, the botched circumcision left their son’s penis “unsightly… and permanently scarred”.

Molina allegedly used a 1.3 GOMCO clamp (which is the typical circumcision tool) but “failed to align the foreskin on the bell of the GOMCO clamp before engaging the nut on the base plate, closing the clamp, and excising the foreskin, resulting in leaving too much foreskin on the ventral side of the penis.”

For two years, pediatricians assured the couple that the situation might correct itself and one doctor even suggested that the baby would “grow into” his penis. When they showed the OB/GYN who performed the circumcision pictures last year, she referred them to a urologist. That’s when they were notified of how serious the problem actually was, and soon after the urologist performed corrective surgery. But even after the surgery, the penis was still permanently damaged.

The couple’s lawyer says that the boy, who is now three and a half will need counseling, and may have long lasting problems in his sex life. Dr. Molina maintains that no negligence occurred on her part at all.

I truly hope that circumcision becomes a thing of the past as we move forward and progress scientifically and medically. The pros clearly don’t outweigh the cons. And I can’t help but think that if baby boys were meant to have a piece of their body cut off at birth, it probably wouldn’t be there to begin with.

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