Crazy or Cool? Dad Uses Vacuum to Create Daughter’s Ponytail (Video)

The Pony Tail Vacuum

I can not decide if this is genius or bordering on child endangerment.

There is a new YouTube video that is going viral of a father giving his young daughter a ponytail with the aid of a vacuum cleaner. It’s simple enough; he catches her long hair in the suction of the vacuum’s wand and then rolls up a hairband that had been placed on the wand.

The girl tries to stay stoic and does a pretty good job at staying still (although there is one moment where she does get visibly jerked). But I have to say, there is no way my own daughter would go for this hairstyling process.

So, is this crazy or cool? Check out the video of the ponytail magic right here:

Photo Source: YouTube/YurikoShaffer

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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