Creepy Abandoned Doll Factory is the Stuff of Horror Movies (Photos)

creepy doll factory spain abandoned
Creep doll factory specimen - eek!

Check out this somewhat horrifying look at an abandoned doll factory in Spain, where the creepy factor is oh-so-high and the photos look like they were taken on set of a horror movie. has a full tour of the abandoned and rundown factory, where doll parts litter the floors and other surfaces.

Body parts and fragments of dolls up the creep factor in these pics, including molds and casts, a leg here, a crushed and broken face there, decapitated doll heads and limbs strewn about the place.

It looks like folks were in a hurry to leave. The dolls, however, weren’t quite so lucky.

The photos inspire a new horror movie idea: “The Doll Factory”… right?

  • Creepy 1 of 6
    This little lady has seen better days.
  • Creepier 2 of 6
    What's up, ladies?
  • Head Above the Rest 3 of 6
    Head Above the Rest
    Doll head, bust.
  • Unfinished Business 4 of 6
    Unfinished Business
    These dolls never got the full doll treatment.
  • Beauty 5 of 6
    Missing her limbs, but a full head of hair is something, right?
  • Parts 6 of 6
    Body and a leg, but no head.

Images: Environmental Graffiti

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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