Creepy Inside Out Stuffed Animals: Would You Buy Them For Your Kids?

Recycled creepy stuffed animals outsiders inside out plush
Inside out stuffed animals: creepy or cute?

Check out these rather creepy inside out stuffed animals called “Outsiders” would you buy them for your kids?

While the intention here is noble, the execution is a bit Frankenstein-esque.

Outsiders, you see, are recycled stuffed animals turned inside out. So, recycling and reusing is good, right?

Well… yes, I don’t argue that. The way these animals are turned inside out and stitched together, however, comes across a little nightmarish.

Zurich designers Atelier Volvox came up with the concept by creating new toys from old discarded stuffed animals.

The designers explain: “Outsiders are second-hand plush toys of various forms and sizes, who are given a new life by opening, reversing and resewing them.”

They add: “Due to this procedure an old, worn plush toy becomes a “brand new” product with a slightly different look. Despite their bizarre appearance, however, Outsiders are friendly and adorable.”

See? They’re totally friendly… sheesh… it’s not like they’re going to come alive at night and turn on you or anything.

  • Outsiders Bear 1 of 7
    Outsiders Bear
    Half cute, half creepy.
    Photo Source: Atelier Volvox
  • Outsiders Elephant 2 of 7
    Outsiders Elephant
    This guy has a lot of spunk, plus it takes a little effort to get that trunk inside out, right?
    Photo Source: Atelier Volvox
  • Umm?? 3 of 7
    Cheetah? Dog? You be the judge, because we can't make heads nor tails of it!
    Photo Source: Atelier Volvox
  • Outsiders Dog 4 of 7
    Outsiders Dog
    He's got a real "Frankenweenie" vibe, but this might be the most lovable of the bunch.
    Photo Source: Atelier Volvox
  • Outsiders Teddy Bear 5 of 7
    Outsiders Teddy Bear
    Teddy? Is that you? The wonky eyes and nose are FREAKY.
    Photo Source: Atelier Volvox
  • Outsiders lineup 6 of 7
    Outsiders lineup
    We're still loving the dog just a tiny bit. Not entirely sold, however.
    Photo Source: Atelier Volvox
  • Oustiders recycled plush toys 7 of 7
    Oustiders recycled plush toys
    Another look at the Outsiders lineup, including a horse, kangaroo and some other unidentifiable fellows.
    Photo Source: Atelier Volvox

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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