Creepy or Cute? Kathie Lee Gifford Put Note in Son's Diaper for His Circumcision

Kathie Lee Gifford has a tendency to overshare. The host of the third hour of the Today Show (with the often-shocked Hoda Kotb), tends to tell (embarrassing) stories about her husband and children. She’s been doing this on television for decades and has no signs of slowing down.

On Thursday, Kathie Lee shared a story and I can not decide if it’s creepy or cute. She reminiced about a note she left in her son Cody’s diaper at the time of his circumcision 22 years ago.

She mentioned that on the 8th day of little Cody’s life, she brought him to the doctor for the procedure. “I put a little note in his diaper for the doctor when the nurse came to take him away,” Kathie Lee said.

What did the note say?

“Dear Doctor,
Just take a tad. Please leave me most of what I already had. Life is too short so don’t make me that way. So please hold steady and have a nice day.”

She noted that the doctor, who has since retired, said in his 40 years of practice he never found another note in a baby’s diaper. After Cody’s procedure, Kathie Lee had wanted the note back to put in her son’s baby book, but the doctor insisted on keeping it. He then framed it and put it on his office wall.

My question is this, what must Cody think? Is he amused or embarrassed that his mother is talking about his penis on morning TV? As if having a note about your circumcision living on the wall of a doctor’s office wasn’t bad enough.

Would you talk about your son’s circumcision in such a public way or do you think that is something best kept private?

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Photo Source: Today Show


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