Creepy Reborn Baby Dolls Are An Obsession for Some Doll Collectors (Video)

Reborn baby dolls are so lifelike… well, they’re downright creepy, really.

Creepier yet are some of the obsessed reborn baby doll collectors, like the ones featured in this Today show video.

Doll collectors can be somewhat fanatical (see the couple who treat their Cabbage Patch Kid dolls like their own children), but these ladies take it to the next level.

Dorie Gilliam, who has three actual children and four grandchildren, commented, “Holding babies is just so soothing. It’s a stress reliever. I guess guys don’t get it.”

Her husband, it seems, writes off his wife’s doll obsession by saying, “I don’t know how much dealings you’ve had with women, but I don’t think any man understands them anyway. So, for me not understanding the dolls, it’s just one of many things we don’t understand about women.”

These reborn baby doll “mothers” at least enjoy the ease of caring for newborns, without all that pesky crying and diaper changing.

Becky, who is also a mother of two real kids, said, “I don’t think I’m odd, this is a hobby.” She started the hobby when she couldn’t have any more children and explains how she got her first reborn doll for Christmas.

The reborn dolls can be a pricey hobby, with dolls running between $50 and $4,000.

Another collector, Karen, built a nursery for her 28 reborn dolls and notes, “they’re not real, but they look real and after your real children grow up you know that you can have something to hold and cuddle and love when you want to.”

Check out these slideshows of realistic reborn dolls and Harry Potter newborn dolls – creepy!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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