Crown Chasers: New TLC Show About Middle Aged Beauty Queens

TLCTLC has had phenomenal success with their Toddlers and Tiaras series, and now they are visiting the other side of the age spectrum.

Debuting on July 10th will be Crown Chasers, a reality show following the drama around the middle aged women and moms who participate in various “Ms.” beauty pageants.

The program stars Victoria, Deborah, Jocelyn, Jennifer, and Jonella, five pageant-loving women ranging in age from 30 to 52. And while both Toddlers and Tiaras and Crown Chasers follow the participants of beauty contents, that’s where the comparisons end. Instead of trying to fit their flippers, sucking down pixie sticks, and trying to look as adorable as possible, these contestants flaunt their bodies while wearing bikinis, one is in the midst of menopause, and several are attempting to juggle motherhood, marriage, and careers.

In one teaser scene, Jocelyn the one dealing with the overwhelming hormonal shifts of “that change of life” and who brags about her “fake boobs and teeth” cries in front of a mirror while giving herself a pep talk. “Just keep calm. You can not let hormones get to you. I am not my menopause,” she says to herself. “I am feeling and thinking that I am the best I have ever been. I am stronger, I am smarter, I am wiser, and I want my kids to see that their mom is a winner.”

It sound like Toddlers and Tiaras meets Parenthood meets Real Housewives…just with more self-esteem issues. But does the world need another reality series with women competing against each other on stage and off? Sure, it would be refreshing to have a show featuring women who support each other, but really, would anyone watch that? Society seems to love a cat fight.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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