Curry McWilliams, Boy Scout Extraordinaire, Earns all 132 Merit Badges

Boy Scouts of America
On his honor, Curry McWilliams did his best

You probably already expect most Boy Scouts to be extraordinary kids. As it turns out, some are even more exemplary than others.

Take Curry McWilliams, 18, for example. He’s been a Boy Scout since age 5. His dad, Army Lt. Col. Rob McWilliams, got him involved in the Scouts when they attended a local meeting, according to ABC News. The Scouts was one of the few constants in Curry’s life, since the military family moved six times in 18 years.

And it was with military-like precision that Curry achieved an astonishing feat: Earning all 132 badges available to Boy Scouts, a number more than six times what he needed to complete the program.

Close to 3 million boys are Scouts, but only about 12 can brag about earning that many badges each year, according to the Kansas City Star. It was the summer of Curry’s National Scout Jamboree when he was 15 years old that he decided to go for it.

“It did require a lot of time. There were weekends when I wanted to do other things like hang out with my friends,” he said.

Things slowed down a bit when his dad was deployed to Iraq, but when he returned, Curry achieved Eagle Scout status, as well as his 132nd badge. He says it will be the memories of his dad’s help earning the badges, as well as some of the rewarding volunteer experiences, that will be most cherished.

Are your kids Scouts?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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