Cute Alert! 25 Adorable & Awesome Pets Dressed Up for Christmas (Photos)

The Santa Clause Cat!

I had some help in curating this collection of adorable photos of cats and dogs dressed up for the holidays —- my five-year-old, animal-loving daughter.

While searching for images of Christmas cuteness, my daughter sat on my lap and shrieked directly into my ear oodles of “ohhhs,” “ahhhs,” and “Mommy! Oh my God that is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life!”

She had some favorites: the furry, waving Santa dog, the wacky-faced Boston Terrier Claus, and the kitty cat reindeer. One thing’s for sure — she fell in love with almost every single one of them (although the three-legged dog with his sled made her sad).

So, without further ado, here are 25 adorable and awesome pets decked out for Christmas to share with your little ones. Which is their favorite?

  • The Reindeer Dog 1 of 25
    He does not look happy about this.
    Photo Source: NextRound.com
  • Christmas Cat 2 of 25
    Yeah, that outfit probably lasted about 2 minutes.
    Photo Source: Buzz Feed
  • Elf! 3 of 25
    Yes, this was originally for Halloween, but does double duty for Christmas.
    Photo Source: Poisoned Pets
  • The Santa Pug 4 of 25
    I'm sorry, but pugs are adorable in anything.
    Photo Source: Mail Funny
  • The Pit Bull Reindeer 5 of 25
    Yeah, now that's one tough-looking reindeer.
    Photo Source: Huffington Post
  • The Tiniest Santa 6 of 25
    This Chihuahua is ready to take Christmas wishes.
    Photo Source: Santa Wallpapers
  • The Weiner Dog Reindeer 7 of 25
    This three-legged dog had his wheels decked out for the holidays.
    Photo Source: NextRound.com
  • The Santa Wave 8 of 25
    He looks like he's ready to take part in a Christmas parade.
    Photo Source: Funny Potato.com
  • Black, White and Reindeer All Over 9 of 25
    Do not mess with this guy either!
    Photo Source: Huffington Post
  • Furry Reindeer 10 of 25
    Don't you so want to cuddle with this creature?
    Photo Source: NextRound.com
  • Christmas Costume 11 of 25
    He's ready for the party.
    Photo Source: Sakura Hotel-ikebukuro.com
  • Wacky Reindeer 12 of 25
    This is one wack reindeer hat.
    Photo Source: Buzz Feed
  • The Reindeer Hat 13 of 25
    A pretty crafty cat.
    Photo Source: Buzz Feed
  • Ruff The Reindeer 14 of 25
    He looks rather cool and confident in his costume.
    Photo Source: NextRound.com
  • Yet Another Reindeer Dog 15 of 25
    This one actually looks oddly natural.
    Photo Source: NextRound.com
  • Rudolph Dog 16 of 25
    The red nose and all!
    Photo Source: NextRound.com
  • Santa and His Elves 17 of 25
    Now THAT is a photo op!
    Photo Source: Funny Potato.com
  • The Boston Terrier Santa 18 of 25
    Love his expression.
    Photo Source: Funny Potato.com
  • The Fuzzy Santa 19 of 25
    This just looks unreal.
    Photo Source: Funny Potato.com
  • The Reindeer Cat 20 of 25
    This cat looks mad!
    Photo Source: Buzz Feed
  • The Sad Santa 21 of 25
    Now that's a look!
    Photo Source: Funny Potato.com
  • All Decked Out! 22 of 25
    This is one fancy doggy.
    Photo Source: Funnypk.com
  • The Christmas Sweater 23 of 25
    This pup proudly wears his Xmas sweater.
    Photo Source: SpoilUrPets
  • Santa and Friend 24 of 25
    One real, one fake. Both cute.
    Photo Source: Funnypk.com
  • The Cute Santa Cat 25 of 25
    Now that's just plain adorable.
    Photo Source: Poisoned Pets

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