Cutting Cable for Streaming TV – Is It Worth It?

Cutting Cable TVOur cable bill is around $75 a month. We have cancelled all of the premium channels (now that Girls is over, so long HBO) and now we are teetering with the idea of canceling cable all together. We have 2 smart televisions, an xBox and an Apple TV.  We subscribe to Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix. At the end of the day, cable is rarely on – with the exception of repeats of our favorite shows from the DVR.

While Amazon Prime and Netflix offer similar content, the TV shows are dated. Originally I thought – there was no way we could get rid of cable, but I do have to say over the last few months those dated shows have actually become something we love to watch. Breaking Bad, now Mad Men – show after show we watch. It’s such a better experience when watching from start to finish, no commercial breaks and seeing the story lines from each television season come together.  Plus, Amazon Prime and Netflix keep the kids entertained for hours on end with children’s movies and shows.

Hulu offers current and back-seasons television episodes to over 410 content providers. What’s great about HULU, is we can watch our favorite shows – such as The Daily Show, and it’s only a day behind. What annoys me about HULU is I pay $7.99 a month and there are still ads!

While it’s not yet available in our area, a new service called Aereo is causing a stir in TV land.  Aereo allows you to play live broadcast TV anywhere (iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc…) thru use of a tiny antenna (size of your finger tip). For just $8 a month, you receive 20 hours of DVR space, 2 antennas and access to live television from the major networks.

So with the possibility of Aereo and our current streaming subscriptions, we are seriously contemplating pulling the cable plug. I can think of a few other things that I could spend the $900 a year on. Worse case scenario? We miss tv and restart service with possibly a better deal (isn’t that funny how that works?)

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