Cyber Monday's Best Deals Round-Up

Sales are still on until midnight Monday night.

With Black Friday (and its pepper spray drama) thankfully behind us, Cyber Monday is finally here and all one has to do is sidle over to their computer to take advantage of them. Black Friday sales exceeded the expectations of retailers, so we be prepared for lots of sell-outs at company websites today, but I promise it won’t sting half so much when you’ve only expended a little time a few wrist movements.

While out trolling the internet today, I came across some great deals and thought other lazy parent-shoppers, like myself, or just the johnny-come-lateleys who don’t get too worked up about shopping “events” might be interested in seeing some of the highlights.  

1.) Toys R Us is having a HUGE sale on hundreds of things, there are literally hundreds of deals across every category of toy. Of particular interest is the almost unheard of LEGO deal: Buy 1, get 1 50% off.

2.) Amazon had dropped the prices on, as far as I can tell, almost everything in their toy department. With the exception of the LeapPad Explorer and helium tanks, which are both on the rise. Grrr.

3.) According to Gizmodo, the best deal on Cyber Monday is found on Buy.Com, where you can get a 40″ Samsung LED Home Theater bundle for about half price—and it’s for the good stuff, not that no-name TV they’re trying to pass off as a good deal at other places. Gizmodo also has a pretty excellent post of “All of the Cyber Monday Deals From Around the Web” that has links to, yes, pretty much everywhere you might want to go for electronics.

4.) The Today Show had a segment on this morning featuring, among others, the blogger Liz Gumbinner of CoolMomPicks. She’s the one who turned me on to Toys R Us and a great deal going on at a toy site called 40% off any single item. Potentially a great money saver, but watch out for the list of exclusions which includes anything on sale (which is a lot).

5.) A lot of parents use Christmas to help fill out their kids’ closets and these retailers want you to buy it from them. Gap (along with Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta) are selling everything across the board at 30% off. For the more rarefied parents, the French clothing line Jacadi has significant amount of it’s stock marked down 40%. As a fan of this brand (after finding it in Paris years ago), I can tell you that finding it on sale is pretty much impossible, so take advantage of it.

You have until midnight for almost all Cyber Monday sales, so tuck the kids in and get online to see if anything on your list happens to be on sale.

FYI: If you were eying any of the toys on our Hottest Toys of 2011 list from a few days ago—most of them are considerably marked down today at Amazon and Toys R Us. Good luck!

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