Dad Abandons Teen Daughter Over Bad Math Grade

F grade
The daughter got the F, but it's the dad who's the failure

There’s this thing that happens to most people when they become parents: They develop a sense of undying, unbreakable love for their offspring. Though our kids might irk and irritate us from time to time, they are ours and we love them unconditionally.

Most of us, anyway.

A dad in Montgomery County, Penn., has pleaded guilty to child endangerment because he abandoned his 16-year-old daughter at the mall, according to Because she got a bad grade on a calculus test.

Tuan Huynh, 47, forced his daughter to pack a bag and get in the car, which is when he dropped her off near a mall and told her “she no longer met her parents’ expectations in terms of her grades.”

The street the girl was left on is a busy one, and the walk home would have taken almost four hours. She wandered around the mall for a few hours until which time she was approached by a minister, who called for help on her behalf.

Huynh isn’t allowed back into his home until he takes parenting classes. He’ll also be on probation for two years and complete 100 hours of community service. It was either that or spend up to five years in jail.

According to the assistant district attorney in the case, Huynh still has “no remorse for what he did, and [says] he can do with his child what he sees fit.”

Hopefully this poor girl’s mother doesn’t feel the same way and will see to it her daughter understands that a parent’s love for a child is unconditional — bad calculus grade or not.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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