Superhero Dad & Son Spotted Fighting Crime at Local Hardware Store!

A single photo, an instant in time, captured by a stranger, and yet it says so much.

The mysterious crimefighting team was recently spotted at what appears to be a Home Depot. As The Huffington Post speculates, perhaps the duo was stocking up on supplies for their next mission?

A Reddit user snapped the superheros in action and posted it on the popular site with this caption: “I know a good dad when I see one.”

Withing two days the photo garnered nearly two million comments. Huffington Post pinpointed the comment that best sums up the photo: “A good dad is always a hero to their kids. Capes just let the world see it a little better.”

Nail on the head. And maybe in the cart? They are, after all, at the hardware store.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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