Dad Arrested For Breaking School Pick-Up Rule (Video)

schoolRules are rules, I know. But when are rules so stupid that they’re meant to be broken?

Or, better yet, when does a particular circumstance beg for a little bending of said rules?

You be the judge in this case.

As Yahoo Shine reports, a Tennessee dad was arrested after trying to pick up his kids on foot.

The policy dictates that parents must wait in their cars in a line that can stretch to a mile long alongside a major highway, according to Jim Howe.

So the dad went inside the school to pick up his kids where he got into a debate with South Cumberland Elementary School resource officer Avery Aytes, who’s also a sheriff’s deputy. That’s when his girlfriend started taking video on her phone.

In the video, which has now been viewed on YouTube more than 400,000 times, the 40-year-old dad calmly debates the lack of safety in the new pickup policy and calling the sheriff to discuss the policy. Students can get permission from their parents to walk along the highway to their parents’ cars, but parents can’t park and go inside to get their kids.

The video shows Howe telling Aytes, “They’re walking with me when school is dismissed, per state law.”

“No they’re not,” an agitated Aytes says.

Howe tells him, “Yes they are. You’re barking up the wrong tree,” to which Aytes responds that Howe is headed to county jail. “That’s fine, I’ve been there before,” Howe says.

Shortly after that exchange Howe was arrested for disorderly conduct.

“I didn’t intend to make a scene. But this is not about the policy,” Howe tells Yahoo. “It’s about stripping parental rights away. You go in to get your kids, you should be able to get your kids.”

I completely agree with Howe. If I want to walk inside my child’s school to pick him or her up then, by God, I will. I understand certain rules that pertain to keeping traffic moving or whatever, but parking my car and walking into the school should not be an issue if it’s what I feel is safest for my child, especially when a highway walk is the alternative.

What happened to common sense?

What do you think? Check out the vid below and hit me up in the comments!

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