Dad Calms Fussy Baby with Motorboat Lip Buzzing Sound (Video)

Father calms fussy baby with motorboat sound viral video
Dad soothes baby with motorboat sound!

Ever have a fussy baby that you just don’t know how to soothe?

When you’ve run out of lullabies and can rock no more, consider this dad’s technique the motorboat.

In this viral video, dad has his fussy little girl in his lap, and she’s working herself into a fit, when he breaks out the lip buzzing sound.

It’s so startling, it shocks her right out of her crying jag.

And those eyes … oh, those eyes! Startled by the sound, her eyes get so wide, but it’s back to fussy baby time shortly thereafter.

Once again, dad employs the buzzing lips and she has the same reaction.

Have you ever tried something like this? We used to gently blow in my daughter’s face when she was fussy and it was just enough of a jolt to get her to stop crying… temporarily.

After the video started picking up views, dad posted this reflection: “I discovered Charlotte’s brain melted at the motorboat frequency…so we began using it whenever she got fussy. It’s a good trick that’s already starting to lose effectiveness, but was incredibly potent when we shot this quick video.”

He also followed it up with a blog post titled, “Fatherhood is learning a few lessons about the internet and why you may not want your baby on it.”

Check it out there’s some great insight into the pitfalls of having a video go viral.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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